Health Education


Mission Statement

The mission of the Collier County Public School Health Program is to help provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance skills necessary to make sound decisions and take positive action for healthy and effective living.


The goals of CCPS’ health education program are taught at grade level appropriate and are as follows:

  • To align our curriculum, instruction and assessment in accordance with Florida Standards.
  • To help students experience a positive emotional development.
  • To help develop positive communication, interpersonal and coping skills.
  • To help make students aware of responsible decision making
  • To help develop good nutrition and health habits.
  • To help students understand harmful situations.
  • To prepare our students for a healthy lifestyle.


Collier County Public Schools adopted in 2009, Comprehensive Health Education (Board Policy 2417), in accordance with Florida Statutes, Florida Department of Education and through the Superintendent’s recommendation to the School Board.

The formal Comprehensive Health Education curriculum is evidenced-based medically accurate and comprehensive education addressing the concepts of community health, consumer health, environmental health, mental and emotional health, injury prevention and safety, nutrition, personal health, prevention and control of disease and substance abuse, including the true effects of all alcohol and narcotics upon the human body and mind. 

The curriculum shall also include information about: abstinence as the only way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, the health benefits and side effects of contraception and condoms, the consequences of teenage pregnancy, responsible decision-making, communication and relationship skills and the importance of family-child communication.  This curriculum shall be taught beginning in the 6th grade and continue throughout high school.  The health education curriculum materials shall at all times reflect current theory, knowledge and practice, and be evidenced-based/proven effective.  The curriculum materials shall be available at each school site.

Any student whose parent makes a written request to the school principal shall be permitted to opt-out from the teaching of reproductive health and any disease including HIV/AIDS, its symptoms, development and treatment.  A student so exempted may not be penalized by reason of that exemption and shall be given alternate assignments during this time.

Personnel providing instruction in human sexuality shall receive training based on District approved Standards, prior to presenting such instruction.


General Information

High School Comprehensive Health Education
In CCPS students are enrolled in H.O.P.E. for grades 9-12

H.O.P.E., also referred to as Health Orientation through Physical Education, is the combination of health and fitness education and practice in 2 semesters or a one credit course. It is operated as a blended classroom and physical activity course. This course is required for students who entered the ninth (9th) grade in 2007-2008.

Middle School 6-8 Health Education Curriculum Pacing Guide - Pacing Guide is embedded in the middle school grade level curriculum guide for science. The Health Program for Middle Schools is taught almost exclusively by science teachers. In a very few cases, principals have set up an occasional class to be taught by certified health teachers to fulfill this requirement. The health curriculum has been allotted ten (10) days/two (2) weeks. Middle School 6-8 Health Education Curriculum Pacing Guide .

Parent Information Letter for Human Growth and DevelopmentEnglishSpanishCreole

Elementary Health Education K-5 Curriculum Pacing Guide -  Curriculum is reflected in classroom lesson plans approximately 50 minutes per week.  The Elementary School Health Program is taught almost exclusively by classroom teachers. The health curriculum for the elementary level is approximately 50 minutes of instruction in Health and Nutrition each week for the entire year. Click here to view Elementary Pacing Guide.

Additional Elementary Health Education as required under Comprehensive Health Education is Human Growth and Development. 

Parent Information Letter for Human Growth and Development - EnglishSpanishCreole

Parents, also for your convenience and use at home, we are providing the same materials CCPS teachers will utilize within the classroom on the dates provided by the principals in the HGD parent letters that will be sent home.  Please feel free to use these with your children to further discuss or provide more information at home.  Please note your child’s classroom teacher will not utilize everything in the power points, they are tools to provide new information, activities to process new information and checking for understanding of the new information.

Human Growth and Development Power points, Extension Activities, and Checks for Understanding Activities.

HIV/AIDS – separate curriculum and extension activities, Grade Level 3-6 appropriate Discovery Education 15 minute video(may be viewed at school). 

Click here for word for word narrative of video(pages 13-18)

Please contact your school’s Principal or myself with any questions or for where to find more information so you feel as prepared as possible regarding your child’s Human Growth and Development.  We are here to support you, your child and our community.

Tracy Bowen
K-12 Health, Physical and Driver Education Department
Collier County Public Schools


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